6 Back to School Autism Tips

It’s that time of year again and almost the end of summer. If your child is heading back to school soon start helping your child transition back into the school. My youngest with Autism is starting back tomorrow with his first day as a Freshman in High School! My how time flies! Whether they are starting Kindergarten or […]

Miracle Special Needs Toothbrush

This post contains an affiliate link. I don’t normally write reviews on products but I highly recommend this and I thought I would share my opinion because it has really helped eased our daily life.  It is just something I feel strongly about and I wanted to let everyone know about this life changing toothbrush! For years it […]

So Simple Slow Cooker Chili

Slow Cooker Chili

I know that Summer is now here, but I wanted to share a very simple Chili Crock Pot recipe. Actually where I live, it really doesn’t feel like Summer yet. I have now updated the post. We are having a heat wave a moment! Really no matter what the season I make this Chili.  It’s so […]

Create Your Own PECS or Visuals Part One

Before we get started, just a note: This Post contains affiliate links. 1        Getting Started A few years ago, I discovered that my son loved visuals. It now has become a daily tool we use for most everything. Why would I post about making PECS and Visuals?  First off, it is something […]

Giving your Kids with Autism the Nudge to Try New Foods


Hello Friends, I wrote a post called Monday Afternoon Food Obsession about seven years ago regarding my son’s obsession with food in general. When I look back upon it the situation with his food quirk, at the time it made no sense.  Now I have this Aha moment. In the  post, I was told a story about […]